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Sup, people?:L
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Oh yeah and Anime Boston was great :D.
I was pretty much in cosplay 24/7, even to preregistration. Surprisingly, my Takashi (HOTD) cosplay wasn't too popular, but Tracey was (I never knew he had so many fangirls! Haha~). Either way, I'm glad that my bloody baseball bat prop made it through weapons check!
Ikki Minami was by far my favorite cosplay though. It actually was perfect for the randomly freezing weather. And I met a ton of awesome Air Gear cosplayers there as well! We took so many silly pictures together ;p :w00t:

In other news, I'm totally getting back into One Piece and am already planning on a Captain Red Haired Shanks cosplay. It'll fit Boston's March weather perfectly for next year's Anime Boston (since it involves a heavy black cloak). I'll also get to experiment with drawing stubble on my face again~ (hopefully I've improved on that since my Mugen/Samurai Champloo cosplay haha).

My DA's kind of switched from an art account to a cosplay account, heheh ^^; Sorry guys! D:

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AceOfZeon Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorites on my emerald pair stuff!! Your Kaidoh cosplay is super cute! 
No problem! Your fanart was so well drawn :heart: *u*
LaceWingedSaby Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is happy to welcome you among us!

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Thanks for the fav :D
Thanks for the fav.
erucia-mantoka Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for joining :iconpsycho-pass: :)
Thank you so much for :+fav: for Mako!
420JeffieShawna Aug 8, 2013
you have some very nice cosplay! thank you for allowing the internet your awesomeness!
Ah, thankyou so much! :heart: :D
It means a lot!~ And thanks also for all the faves! Do you cosplay as well? C:
420JeffieShawna Aug 8, 2013
a little bit, in my gallery it has its own folder. :3
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